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Blue Texas

Fight everywhere. Fund everywhere.
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Texas isn’t a red state.

It’s a non-voting state.


You can change that.

The Stakes: High

With Texas Republicans at the helm, Texans have lost freedom, safety, power … and hope.

But the Texas GOP clings to power, with a strategy rooted in outrageous gerrymandering and targeted voter suppression. Texans wonder: is anyone going to do something about it?

Answer: Yes. We are.

The Strategy: Fight+Fund Everywhere

Too often, statehouse races go uncontested and unsupported – especially in gerrymandered districts. Democratic voters feel abandoned and forgotten, while GOP nominees get free passes. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. That’s why we need to fight and fund everywhere.

But that’s just one half of the problem. Texas GOP nominees get a super-boost from voter suppression tactics that make it harder for Democrats to vote. That’s why we need a 24-7-365 program to protect – and empower – voters.

Working together, we can make sure every voter has a Democrat to vote for, every vote is counted … and no Republican gets a free ride.

The Solution: You + Blue Texas

The GOP strategy is a one-two punch of gerrymandering and voter suppression.

Blue Texas is the counterpunch: our community supports the Democratic nominees for Texas statehouse and 24-7-365 voter protection programs.

No more unsupported races. No more forgotten voters. No more suppressed voices.

No more free passes for the GOP.

You can make that happen. Starting right now.

How Blue Texas Works

We make it easy for you to join a community of thousands who are fighting for democracy with a one-two punch: supporting Democratic statehouse nominees and 24-7-365 voter protection. As a monthly program, you just set it and forget it. Then kick up your feet, knowing that you’re fighting voter suppression and sharing a Democratic message in every corner of Texas – no matter what else you have going on.


By joining Blue Texas, you’re building  a 24/7/365 voter protection army and making sure every down-ballot Democrat across Texas has support – without breaking a sweat. Kicking in a few bucks a month is doable, and powerful, over the long term.

+ Thousands Like You

Thousands of people just like you want a Blue Texas too, and understand that chipping in a few dollars a month (our average is $14/mo) is a small price to pay to protect democracy. Together, you’re amassing power to protect the vote and support Texas Democrats in every corner of the state.

= Massive People Power

Straight away, half of the community funds go to support Power the Vote’s work fighting voter suppression day-in and day-out all over Texas. Then, after the primary, the other half goes directly to the Democratic state legislative nominees who desperately need your help. And you rest easy, knowing that you are part of the solution. Job done.

The Impact of Fighting+Funding Everywhere

Running Nominees Everywhere Matters

Just having a nominee for state house on the ballot increases the vote share for the top of the ticket by 1.5%.


But in 2022, 41 Texas House Districts had no Democratic nominee on the ballot.


Over 8.2 million Texans live in those 41 districts.

Texas House Districts with no Democratic nominee

Texans in House Districts with no nominee

Funding Nominees Everywhere Matters

There’s more: Funding nominees boosts turnout, too. In fact, funding a challenger at $0.36 per eligible voter increases turnout by 1%.


But in 2022, another 34 Texas state house Districts were underfunded – averaging just $15,786 to reach 200,000 people.


Those 34 Texas state house Districts include another 6.8 million Texans, who probably didn’t hear from their cash-strapped Democratic nominee.

Underfunded Texas House Districts

Texans in House Districts with an underfunded nominee

Running Funded Nominees Everywhere = Massive, Data-Backed Impact

That’s over 15 million Texans left behind – either because there wasn’t a Democrat to vote for, or that nominee didn’t have what they needed to run a real campaign.

Texans Left Behind

Here’s the good news:

Reaching those 15 million forgotten Texans is as simple as running and supporting Democratic nominees for Texas state legislature …

But Texas is ranked the toughest place to vote in the country. So our Blue Texas community supports voter protection, too – to make sure that every vote counts.

By joining, you’re making sure we fight+fund everywhere. 

Fighting voter suppression everywhere matters:

When the Texas GOP passed S.B.1, they added new vote by mail requirements. Because of those new rules, over 25,000 people’s votes – 13% of vote-by-mail voters – were rejected. But voter protection staff supported by Power The Vote stepped in and brought that rejection rate down from 13% to 3% statewide.


Ballot rejection rate before


Ballot rejection rate after

Power the Vote’s founders ran the Georgia Democratic Party’s voter protection efforts in 2020. The votes their team saved were more than Joe Biden’s margin.

Fighting+Funding everywhere can change election outcomes.

What You Get When You Join Blue Texas

Membership in the only grassroots community that’s focused both on making sure every Democratic nominee for Texas state legislature has resources to run a campaign – and supporting Texas’s voter protection programs 24-7-365.

If you’re a member at the $10/month level or more, you’re automatically invited to participate in our members-only monthly Team Blue Texas calls with acclaimed author and former Ohio Democratic Party Chair, David Pepper.

Knowledge – backed up with data – that you are boosting the vote share for the top of the ticket and local turnout, while helping reach the 12.8 million Texans who have been left behind in the past. (See our Washington University study results!).

Pride that no matter what else you have going on, you’re doing something that’s meaningful and impactful.

Peace of mind that you’re fighting for a better future for yourself and your loved ones.

Satisfaction that just by being part of our community you’re telling the Texas GOP that you’re on to them. You’re not letting their corruption and lawlessness slide, and you won’t let them sell out your democracy without a fight.

Gratification that you play a role in holding people in
the statehouse accountable.


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